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learning java

 >  On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, D.E. Chadbourne wrote:
 >>Hi.  I'm teaching myself Java and will probably get the Sun cert in a
 >>month or two.  NEJUG's meetings are too far away and a lot of "online"
 >>groups didn't feel comfortable to me.  Too specific on some aspect of
 >>Java technology, too large a volume of emails, what ever.  What I wanted
 >>was something just like BLU, but we can yap about Java also.  Since I
 >>couldn't find that, I'm trying to get one started.
 >>If anybody wants come hang out you're more than welcome.
 >>Thanks.  -Eric.

Duane Morin wrote:
> Which Sun cert are you getting?  There are like 4 levels ranging from "Has
> memorized the esoteric bits of the API that no one uses" to "Can now call
> himself an architect and have a piece of paper on the wall that proves he
> coughed up the dough" (as opposed to everybody else who calls themselves
> architects without the piece of paper :)).  I recommend the "web
> developer" level which seems to be the most practical one.
> While I'm sure that getting certified is a good way to prove to yourself 
> that you've reached a milestone in learning the language, I hope you're 
> not investing lots of money.  My company is hiring good Java people as 
> fast as we can find them and I can honestly say that certification has not 
> made a lick of difference in anybody's situation thus far.   Maybe if you 
> want to target some big financial enterprises or something, sure, but 
> we're just a small company that wants people that can code (and we're 
> gonna ask you the same technical questions whether you claim to be 
> certified or not :)).
> Duane

I was thinking to go get this one as seems to cover fundamentals and 
it's not expensive.
Then provide my own home brew code to possible employers as an example 
of ability.  I've read through (twice) a Sams "teach yourself Java 2 in 
21 days", but I don't think they're using earth days. :)  now I'm half 
way through the Sun "trails" and I'm really focusing on working out all 
the examples and problems.  I think in under two months I'll be able to 
pass the test and start making neat little apps for my Linux box.  The 
cert is to help me focus on an objective (I tend to wander around too 
much) and help me get past some HR guy and talk to somebody like you.

I bet folks on the list are glad to hear you're hiring.
Thanks for your advice,  -Eric.


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