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Windows audio problem

----- Original Message -----
From: David Backeberg <dave at>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:00:48 -0400
To: discuss at
Subject: Re: Windows audio problem

> I've seen something similar before a few years ago but I don't remember how I 
> remedied it...
> an idea:
> You only mention playing cds as your audio souce. A k6-2 500 is more than fast 
> enough to play on mp3 or wav file. Do digital audio files produce the static 
> too or is it only when playing cds? To the best of my knowledge, Windows 
> beyond a certain version can play cds digitally through the ide cable, rather 
> than routing the sound through those tiny audio cables that join the sound 
> card and the cd drive.
> If you figure out that digital audio files don't produce the crackle, you 
> might try playing cds with that tiny audio cable detached, to see if it's 
> confusing Windows.

The only WAV files that I hear are the default startup and shutdown files, and those play perfectly.  

If I come across a web page that has embedded audio (usually as part of an advertisement), I'll check for the same audio problem with something like that.

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