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What does BLU get from Culminis???

Just looking at the Membership page, it looks like the Boston User
Groups member page was just copied to the Culminis Membership page.
That's interesting, as it contains groups like Macintosh, Websphere, and
Palm in addition to other groups that I suspect might have something to
say about an affiliation with the Culminis group. If Boston User Groups
did not approve such an affiliation, then I suggest that they make it
clear that no affiliation exists now or ever existed, and that any
reference to them be removed from Culminis' website ASAP.
As a note, take out Boston User Groups listing, and the list of Member
orgs becomes significantly shorter.
Grant M.

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 07:48, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> I am on the board of directors of Boston User Groups, and I am
> investigating it. I don't remember a discussion on this. 
> On Tue, 01 Jun 2004 22:53:00 -0400
> Jerry Kincade <kincadej at> wrote:
> >     Hello to Boston!  I am a member of the local Linux/Unix group
> >     where 
> > I live, and pretty new to Linux.  I have come to really appreciate
> > Open Source thinking and, of course, Open Source Software.  However,
> > at work I am a Windows drone, and likely to remain one for some time. 
> > Oh well... it's a living...  Anyway, I was flipping through a Windows 
> > magazine and came across an article about a new Non-profit
> > organization called Culminis (  Reading the article
> > and checking out the web site with an admittedly skeptical eye towards
> > Microsoft's involvement, I was suspicious of their agenda and
> > motivations.  My first instinct was to see this as a FUD-fount for
> > Redmond, intended to dress up product placement and infomercials as
> > friendly philanthropy, akin to MS support for the Alexis de
> > Tocqueville Institute.
> >     I made a quick scroll through the list of (they say, I didn't
> >     count) 
> > 450 member groups (  Only
> > two of these groups have Unix or Linux in their name.  One is Boston
> > Linux & Unix, complete with a link to your web site.
> >     So I am curious.  What was the motivation for BLU to join the 
> > Culminis Aliance Program (CAP)?  Does your group see a positive agenda
> > 
> > and some value in this association?  Does this Microsoft funded 
> > organization have a vendor/OS neutral message consistent with it being
> > 
> > "non-profit"?
> >     Thanks for your time.
> > 
> >     --  Jerry  --
> > 
> >    
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> > Discuss mailing list
> > Discuss at
> >
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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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