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I just *had* to comment.

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 03:54:41PM -0400, Don Levey wrote:
> > And the point was that storing all configuration in a central registry
> > makes this really hard to achieve.  In many environments, that's an
> > inescapable fact.
> I worked with a particular TLA in the Federal Gov't who did almost
> exactly this.  They were an almost-all Windows shop, with a few Unix
> servers (very few).  They used Windows Roaming Profiles, which was
> essentially a central repository of user settings and software
> installations.

Sure, but it's not a central registry containing all of the machine's
system-specific configurations as well as application configuration
data, which may not be at all specific to any one system.  I think
clearly this is where the problem lies...  

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