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Abrupt spam increase

On Friday 04 June 2004 9:53 am, Rich Braun wrote:
> I've noticed over the past 6 weeks a sudden, abrupt increase in the flow of
> spam on my home server.  It's gone from about 250/day to 440/day; last
> month's average daily flow was about 360.
> Thus far I've been simply directing it to a quarantine folder, and keeping
> general tabs on the volume.
> But as volume grows, at some point I'll want to do something different.  I
> have a couple of questions:
> (1) Have any of y'all tried to keep stats on the flow of spam?  Are my
> observations about message flow on-target?
> (2) Beyond SpamAssassin, have you tried out any tools which reject spam
> before it reaches your mailbox?  I know that I could configure sendmail to
> reject mail from sites listed in certain blacklist databases, but before I
> take that step I want to make sure to use the right blacklists and I also
> want to keep better statistics on a per-recipient basis (example, I get
> mail to "daemon" and "amanda", in addition to "richb", at my domain).
> (3) Are there any spam-folder statistical analysis tools that are useful?

I know the author of and he says it blows 
spamassassin away.  I plan on trying it soon.

For stats, if you're already dumping spam into a folder, it should be pretty 
trivial to scan the messages for the date and do a frequency distribution.  I 
could probably write it in 1/2 hour or so.

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DK KD  the horses is that one of the horses must win." 
DDDD   -Joey Adams (1911) US comedian, author "Reader's Digest," 1 Aug. 1985.

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