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rollback or restore point?

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Hi.  Sorry to keep bugging the group with this...  I've Googled,
Altavisted and even stepped in a DogPile.
I have screwed up YaST somehow.  I told it to install Apache and
Subversion.  It listed dependancies and wanted to install a bunch of
other crap, I let it (though I'm sure I ignored something I shouldn't
of!) and thought all was okay.  Well, I try to start YaST and it says
"could not open usr/share/yast2config/y2cc.groups".  Shouldn't it be
groups.y2cc?  Man I don't know what to do with this thing.  I rebooted
and noticed that postfix is failing also.  I also can not use my usb
cd-r(w).  Grrr.  I burned my important files prior to this screw up but
don't feel like doing a fresh install tonight unless I have to.

Is there a rollback or restore point like on winblows?  I saw some such
feature on redhat with rpm, but can it be done system wide (on SuSE)?
There's probably not an easy answer so even a useful link would be
great.  Thanks.

- -Eric.
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