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linux interrupt handler

I am working on some IRQ handler code, and reading interrupt.h There is an expression "wrt" which I don't seem to be able
to decode into a meaningful word (from my vocabulary).

1. In the file interrupt.h there are some comments related to softirqs. Read this snippet and tell me what is inferred 
by the reference to "wrt" ...

Comments from interrupt.h

 * If this tasklet is already running on another CPU 
 * (or schedule is called
 * from tasklet itself), it is rescheduled for later.
 * Tasklet is strictly serialized wrt itself, but not  <----here?
 * wrt another tasklets. If client needs some intertask
 * synchronization, he makes it with spinlocks.

2. Googling around, I find the same expression "wrt" 
referenced as below.
BlockDev - You do (todo) 
Open & Close - Mount & UnMount 
Loop thro the list of CURRENT requests 
Merge clustered request (if you feel so) 
Initiate DMA or so if any wrt device & Return  <----- this line ????
Call request_handler 



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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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