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(no subject)

How big is your tape? An erase should take a few hours, right? How long is 

On Thursday 17 June 2004 07:20, Cole Tuininga wrote:
> Hi all -
> I've set up a SCSI tape drive on a system.  The drive is a SONY AIT
> *mumble mumble* on a symbios based card.  The problem is that on a
> somewhat frequent basis, the tape drive "locks up".
> By "locks up", I mean that the current mt command (seemingly always
> "erase") runs forever.  I have to reboot the system to get rid of the mt
> process, and then power cycle the tape drive to make it work again.  If
> I don't power cycle the tape drive, all mt commands will just hang and
> not even respond to a kill -9.
> Any thoughts?

David Backeberg (dave at
Microway Technical Support -

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