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Samba 3.0 problem - need help - attributes change to read only

Dava Peters wrote:

 > Hi all,
 > Hope someone can help! I have samba 3.0 install with
 > Redhat Enterprise 3.0. I setup my share tmp file on smb.conf file as
 > following:
 > ...................................
 > [tmp]
 >          path = /tmp
 >          read only = no
 > ......................................
 > Everyone could access this tmp folder without any
 > problem. The Only problem was that after we created
 > any document and save on tmp, the attributes of this
 > document changed to "read only". We had to uncheck
 > 'Read Only' everytime in order to save this document.
 > Anyone has ideas about this?

You probably need to change the umask for the share. The smb.conf 
parameter you're looking for is "create mask", and it should probably be 
0700 (full rights for the creator, no rights for anyone else) for a 
share of /tmp. The usual default is 0744, which would give full 
permissions to the file creator and read-only access to everyone else. 
But Red Hat might have changed it when they built samba; if their 
default mask creates read-only files, you need to change it in smb.conf.

On Windows NT/2000/XP, you can also be affected by the security mask, 
but its default of 0777 won't cause any problems. Nor will the usual 
"force create mode" value of 0000. Again, Red Hat might, in their 
infinite wisdom, have changed the defaults.

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