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tomcat 5 - apache 2

hi ,
   I had another issue ( question) .   I have set up the  apache / 
tomcat to work well now with one exception.
I can create  multi URI  in the file  , but all of 
them are relative to the  appBase  for the  tomcat.
what is a simple way to  add a   cgi alias  like  say  "/servlets/"   to 
a  folder  under the apache   folder tree and  map it to be redirected 
to tomcat. 
any  direction to a good  documentation on the complex  ways to setup 
the workers   file  is appriated. 

Can I  set up a  
<directory>   </direc....>   
with an alias  and  assign the  handler to be ajp13  .. how do I do it ?

thanks in advance for any help.

thanks and  regards

Anand A Rao wrote:

> Sorry for hurrying into this  email .
> This  is solved. I had some permission issue.
> Everything works Fine now.
> thanks and  regards
> Anand
> Anand A Rao wrote:
>> hi  ,
>>  I am  trying to get the  latest apache-tomcat-mod_jk2  combination 
>> working on  my machine.
>> I now have the  basic stuff  running with same  port for simple 
>> apache and   jsp  requests.  But I am not able to  put jsp files 
>> right into my  apache DocRoot  and get them to be served through 
>> tomcat.   I remember in the   mod_jk there used to be some thing 
>> called  the JKMount   ,  but the  mod_jk2 does not seem to support 
>> it.  Currently   it works when I  mount is   as a  whole  jsp 
>> folder.   example :
>>    this  works  as I have a  URI  
>> defined for that folder.   ( some times I get internal server error 
>> ...  but on  refreshing it works fine.  I think its the load on my 
>> box thats delaying a tomcat response. I  have to play with it a bit 
>> to find out)
>> but
>> does not work  :(   Any Ideas are 
>> welcome.
>> thanks  and regards
>> Andy
>> Eric wrote:
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