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Linksys router hacking

Anyone tried hacking the Linksys WRT54G WiFi router? Either modifying 
the stock distribution or installing one of the 3rd party distributions?


for links to resources and an article on the topic.

I decided to pick one up this week when the price dropped to $50. Hard 
to beat that price for a hackable Linux network appliance.

The last time I looked into what was going on with the 3rd party 
distributions, the emphasis seemed to be on boosting the wireless range 
(particularly the Sveasoft firmware).

My interest is more in using it as a cheap router platform that isn't 
shackled by a GUI that implements only simplistic routing rules. For 
example, it sounds like it has adequate hardware to setup a real DMZ. 
Similarly, it should be possible to firewall the WiFi segment from the 
LAN, which most consumer WiFi routers don't seem to be able to do (at 
least not based on their marketing).


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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