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Jerry Feldman writes:
| On Tuesday 07 December 2004 11:24 am, Matt Brodeur wrote:
| >    I'm not sure how to avoid these processes, but evolution comes
| > with a script to get rid of them.  It's called "killev" and on a FC3
| > system it's in /usr/libexec/evolution/2.0.  It looks like yours would
| > be in /opt/gnome/lib somewhere.
| Yup. It's there. In general I use Kill -TERM gnome
| Where Kill is my script that greps the ps output.

Funny; I have a script by the same name that does the same thing.   I
wonder  what  percent  of linux/unix geeks have written a script like
this and called it the same thing?  Also, how many of the scripts are
exact matches, except for white space and comments?

Another funny thing is that this naming convention doesn't work on OS
X.   It  took  me  a  while  to discover this.  It's an effect of the
(default) file system that is caseless. It really wreaks havoc with a
lot  of  unix  conventions.   It  also  produces some extremely nasty
behavior when you try to use rsync between OS  X  and  other  unixoid
systems. The first time I tried this, it took me an inordinate amount
of time to diagnose and recover from the damage. (But it has given me
a fun thing to flame about on places like slashdot.  ;-)

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