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Slightly OT: Sharing files between people across the US.

Sorry in my late response.
On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 markw at wrote:

> >
> > My additional techie requirements are:
> > * Cheap
> What is "cheap?"

Where I don't have to double their DSL costs because I need SDSL + Static
IPs, along with buying a new server.

> > * Secure
> How secure?

Usual fare, non plaintext passwords, preferably something thats encrypted
a la SSH.

> > * Easy to maintain (I am the closest thing they have their to a geek)
> How geeky are you?

Quite Geeky, (Able to leap moderately high buildings with a running
start and favorable winds) but also bear in mind I don't think they want
to call me in every week to look at something that's gone wrong. They'd
prefer soemthing that just works.

> Actually, I have a similar sort of thing working. I have a el-cheapo
> Netgear  VPN router. For users with similar routers, it is basicaly adding
> some IP numbers.

I hadn't thought of that. *scribble*

> The one problem I see in all this is "disk access." Apps don't take kindly
> to hard disks going away as is likely to happen over the internet.

Indeed, I won't have them directly access it via SMB for exactly the
reasons stated (BTDTGTTS), but I have no problem with them using FTP as
long as they are encapsulated some way. Thanks!


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