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Speakers and topics for next year for the BLU

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> We're looking for ideas for speakers and topics for next year. 
> I'd like to have someone who can talk about the different virtual machines, 
> such as VMWare, Win4Lin, Plex86, and others that might be relevant. 

Nice.  We should look into this.

> I'm talking to Novell to see if I can get someone from Novell to speak, 
> especially since Novell moved its headquarters to Waltham and Ximian is 
> just a few blocks away from MIT.

Any particular topic, or just a "what are we up to, and buy our stuff"?

> A few people suggested a meeting on POSIX thread programming (I agree to 
> present this if I was unable to get Dave Butenhof). Embedded Linux is 
> another topic we've had before, but is of interest. 

If this topic is of interest to many, maybe we can expand it to cover 
different languages, like C++ and Java.  I've done some thread programming 
in Java and might be able to put together a presentation on it if I have 
the time and there is interest.

> Another area I'd like to explore is areas where Linux is used in products, 
> but we never see, such as telephone switches. 

I like it.  Maybe some talk on Embedded Linux.  Maybe we can get someone 
down for that.  We may want to hold that off until Sep/Oct after the 
Embedded Systems Conference in September 12-15.

Question: Would people interested in embedded Linux rather have a talk 
about it BEFORE the ESC conference to learn if they are interested in it, 
or AFTER the ESC conference when there might be more content?

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