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Asterisk Hardware

Samuel Donham wrote:
> I know we were supposed to have a speaker a few months ago,
> but he had to cancel last minute...

I think the talk you are referring to was "Voice Messaging with Vgetty 
and VOCP." VOCP ( works with voice modems, 
rather than dedicated telephony hardware, and I don't think integrates VoIP.

When I first saw the talk announced I too thought it was going to be on 
Asterisk until I looked at the details more closely and looked up what 
VOCP was.

It'd be great if someone did give a talk on Asterisk.

> ...was looking at the Wildcard X100P (since it's the cheapest
> single FXO).

A while ago I ran across:

DigitNetworks X100P - FXO PCI Card, $29.95

   The DigitNetworks X100P is replica that is 100% compatible
   with the Digium Wildcard X100P and the Asterisk PBX
   using the same wcfxo driver with NO software modifications required!

Though I see the page now notes:

   Limited quantity available - buy them before they're gone forever!

I guess they're being discontinued.

I was going to buy one to play around with, and emailed them asking 
whether the card would fit in a low profile chassis, but never received 
a response, so I never proceeded with an order.

> Has anyone installed Asterisk yet?

I've been following the project sporadically, and although I'm anxious 
to replace my 15-year old DOS-based VM system, I've been reluctant to 
dive in, knowing that I'll probably want to spend a few months tweaking 
and customizing, which I don't want to be doing right now.

I'm also beginning to wonder if outsourced VoIP PBX services will become 
a commodity service, almost like web hosting, reducing the need to roll 
your own.


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