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Writer's block

On Friday 04 March 2005 7:44 am, markw at wrote:
> To anyone who says that writing software is nothing like writing a book
> has never experienced programming writer's block.
> I think it comes from that point where is feels like the project has gone
> on longer than it should or has become so uninteresting that your mind
> seeks any destraction it can in order to avoid actually thinking of the
> problems involved.
> The worst part is when you have things you want to get too, but you need
> to complete the task at hand in order to move on. But you can't move on
> because your brain sits quietly sucking it's thumb, refusing to cooperate
> on any level, or worse yet like a small child screaming "no no no" in a
> quiet restaurant to the chagrin of it's parents.
> Just thought I'd share that with you. Writing software is hard. It's like
> writing books that need to function.
> Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get around it?
On occasion. When I was in graduate school, I had to write a simulation, and 
I was stuck. At that time, while I had dome some programming, primarily in 
FORTRAN, I did not have any formal training. One of my team members, 
offered a suggestion from a friend of his, that got by my block. 

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