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Proxy Servers

On 4 Mar 2005 Josh Pollak wrote:

> I know at least three major university libraries do this. The Proxy's 
> generally require authentication, and the better ones are configured 
> via an automatic proxy config file that is available at a URL, and 
> tells the browser only to route requests to the library URL's through 
> the proxy. This provides the library an easy way to control access to 
> paid content only to the university community.

Well that makes sense, but I wasn't aware that you could route only a 
single URL through the proxy.  The configuration options in Windows -- 
both IE and Mozilla --  don't seem to offer that, unless it is done 
with exclusions.  How does one do it for a single URL only?

We ran into this because an attempt to access a different library 
system, totally unrelated to the university, ran afoul of the proxy 
settings for the university library.


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