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Writer's block

christoph at wrote:

> The other method I found that works is to bring the problem to the
> facilities.  My coined phrase is to "apply sufficient kohler minutes
> to a problem".  There's the Mythical Man Month to explain project workloads,
> and there's my software kohler-equation.   I haven't really worked out the
> minutes / lines-of-code ratio yet ... but one of these days I'll get
> famous with it ... it just need to work Reimann's Zeta function into
> it and  we're all set...

Does gallons per flush figure into the equasion?

> PLUG! Don't forget about "non-linear-video-editing on linux with cinelerra"
> at the blu meeting this month.

Gee... Maybe we should make a movie about the presentation.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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