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Wireless OpenBSD coverage

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 12:23 pm, Adam Russell wrote:
> NetBSD has had such "out of the box" support for years. My home wireless
> AP was a netbsd box for a coupla years until the power supply blew and
> damaged the mother board. Since the netbsd box was a $10 computer show
> pickup I just tossed it and replaced it with a cheapo pre-packaged AP
> from the Microcenter bargain table. Not sure if anyone else here knows
> the amusing history but OpenBSD started life when Theo de Raadt was
> "fired" from the netbsd project for being an insufferable jerk. Although
> I have never met him first person accounts related to me are universally
> unflattering. Anyone here ever meet him? I suppose being "fired" from an
> opensource project is pretty telling but anyone have any other first
> person accounts of his.......idiosynchrocies?
AFAIK, he still is "an insufferable jerk". We wanted to loan him an Alpha to 
port OpenBSD to the Alpha so we could put it up on Testdrive. He gave us so 
much grief on the loan agreement, that we just said "screw him". I think 
just about everyone I know that knows him has a story like that.
Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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