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[blu] Re: Wireless OpenBSD coverage

>Why complain about idiosynchrocies? We're computer geeks, what do you
>expect? Christ, the canonical example of this is RMS.
    Well, first of all, I am not complaining about anything, just seeing 
if anyone had any funny stories.
Speak for yourself about being a geek. Not sure what you mean by "geek" 
I have found that, with rare exception, the most socially retarded 
awkward "geek" types are actually quite technologically illiterate.
However, for whatever reason, society seems intent on stereotyping 
socially retarded people as technologically adept which I have seldom 
found to be true.
I suppose I may meet some definition of "geek" because of my particular 
skills,career, etc but mostly I have never understood why some
people are so tolerant of very unacceptable behavior from some people.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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