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markw at wrote:

Anthony>> I think I read an article awhile back (several years
Anthony>> ago at least) where a researcher modified a scsi driver to
Anthony>> facilitate shared memory between a cluster of computers.

There are a bunch of projects that let you do this. The cheapest
approach at home is probably to use something like OpenMOSIX, or the project. I used to use the former but never got
the performance I wanted (for obvious reasons).

| I was at LinuxWorld and saw SGI's cc:NUMA machines, and I thought that
| they were cool. I was just curious about practical uses and wondered if
| there was a way to simulate a system like that.

I believe SGI have their own internal "simulation" stuff (more
"partitioning") but running on real SGI NUMA boxen (this is the
impression I get from lunchtime discussions with SGI types). Simulation
is going to be dog slow in comparison to anything real.

| I suppose Dolphin makes specialized adapters for it, but I was hoping I
| could do it cheaply.

Best stick with one of the suggestions already made. NUMA is designed
for real physical hardware, what you want is a cheap cluster.

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