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Small Open Source projects attn: Gordon Marx

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> On Friday 18 March 2005 1:29 pm, John Chambers wrote:
> > Hmmm ...  maybe we should take a closer look.  Did the function names
> > come before or after the args? If the latter, then it wasn't Lisp, it
> > was Forth.  And that oughta be good for another joke or two ...
> Forth does not have function names, it has words. Lisp is an older language 
> that actually predates computers. 
> Note that the Jewish Torah (5 books of Moses) is written in Hebrew with no 
> vowels. The same is true for Lisp. The parens were added by humans to make 

Nope.  Aramaic.  hebrew didn't exist yet.

DDDD   The UNIX Epoch and the Year 2038 by William Porquet 
DK KD  A 32-bit counter will expire in little over a year.  A 64-bit
DKK D  counter will expire in little over 2^32 years, or roughly the time
DK KD  the sun is expected to expire.  The odds of your computer hardware
DDDD   surviving the forementioned event without reboot are very slim.

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