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More info about my job search

I have received a variety of emails asking for more information about my
background and what I'm looking for.  So, here goes...

I started out doing both paid and voluntary computer support gigs in
college.  Upon graduation, I continued that trend both in the for and
not-for profit sectors, including three rounds at MIT.  I started out
doing direct-hire work.  When I could no longer find a f/t direct-hire
after my last direct-hire position, I started the contract route.

Having experienced direct-hire and contract life, along with management
styles and personality types at for and not-for profit organizations, I've
learned my place is with nonprofit organizations as a direct-hire.   I've
also gone through a great maturation process throughout my experiences, so
I have a good idea of where I belong, what I do and do not want to do, and
have the confidence to move forward.

I've done phone and in-person computer support for Macs and PCs, with PCs
running Windows and Linux (though I'm stronger on the Windows side).
I've done some project management and logistics.  I do _not_ consider
myself a manager, but I love being kept busy (let trouble tickets, help
desk calls, personal visits, etc keep me busy).  I've not done
programming, save for the random tweaking of a Windows registry tweak or
batch file adjustment.

I'm looking get back into the role of visiting people's offices and
assisting with whatever computer/network issue(s) people have.  Defense
work (organizations sponsoring a security clearance, like MIT Lincoln
Laboratory, Draper, or MITRE) simply adds another layer of job security.
This is _not_ to say desktop support is the _only_ role I am looking to
play, but it is what naturally comes to mind based on what I've done best
and what I know works well for me.  I'm certainly able and willing to
utilize other skills gained through my career thus far for other roles.

I've lived the 24/7 on-call life, and have no interest in returning to it.

I've left the various direct-hire positions mostly due to bad management
that I had no control over how things were being handled, so I felt no
choice but to get out.  I'm looking to leave my present position partly
because it is too small an office to keep me busy, it is never going to be
a direct-hire, and some other reasons I don't feel like addressing here.

I've applied to all currently available and compatible positions at all
larger area colleges (BC, BU, Harvard, MIT) and hospitals.

My resume is available at

Thanks to one and all for any assistance you can provide.   I do have a
reliable car, so travel is not a problem.

I know I've promised this before, but if I get enough good, helpful,
reliable info/leads/whatever, I'll put together a summary, as best I can,
and either email the findings, or place the findings on my web page and
email the URL to the info.

Thanks again for any help.


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