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fetchmail and thunderbird

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 01:19:58PM -0500, arao at wrote:
> hi  ,
>   Has any one used this combination ?
> my intent is to get fetch mail to download my emails to my home machine on
> a scheduled manner to keep my server low on its disk usage  , but I still
> want to use my  ThunderBird as the email client.
> Any suggestions ?

No, no one has ever tried to read mail that was already
downloaded to their machine. They especially didn't use
fetchmail or getmail to do it, because as everyone knows, that's
not a supported use for those programs.

Also, no one has ever done:

File -> New -> Account -> Movemail

I'm really not sure why that option exists.

(Losing the sarcasm for a moment -- Movemail is a lousy name for
"Read mail from a local spool".)


Nothing to sig here, move along.

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