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Help with Knoppix, mount via smbfs, and stale NFS handle

On Thu, Mar 31, 2005 at 10:40:08AM -0500, Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> I am prompted for the password, enter it, and am brought back to the
> root prompt.   But, as soon as I attempt ls /mnt/image I get an
> immediate:
> ls: image : Permission denied

Did you look in your system logs for any associated error messages?

> If I cd  to /mnt/image I get in, but if I perform an ls from within, I get:
> ls: .: Stale NFS file handle

It's a strange error considering you're not using NFS...  But probably
it's the result of some system call returning the same error code that
it would return in the case of a stale NFS file handle, and ls just
can't tell the difference...

> What am I missing?

I've never encountered the behavior you've described, but a few things
come to mind...

Does the user <me> have permissions to the image directory on the
server (the XP box)?

Does /mnt/image actually exist on the Knoppix box?  [Presumably it
does, otherwise you'd get an error from mount.]

What ownership and permissions does /mnt/image have on the Knoppix box?
You may need to use the uid= and/or gid= options to mount, in order to
make sure the share is mounted with permissions that allow you to read
it (if you're not logged in as root).

Are you logged in as root on the Knoppix box, or are you logged in as
the knoppix default user (not root)?

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