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Say goodbye to Speakeasy

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 17:16:40 -0400, Jack Coats <jack at> wrote:

> But I think Covad had a chunk of equipment at the local CO to terminate  
> the line...

All DSL requires DSL equipment in the C.O. (Central [Telephone] Office).  
No way can the broadband DSL signal travel through the PSTN (public  
switched telepone network); the latter, as traditional modem users well  
know, has a very-limited bandwidth. (Don't confuse "bit space" with  
bandwidth, btw.)

For DSL, the C.O. has equipment that connects to several subscribers, then  
multiplexes their services into a wider-band connection, probably optical  
fiber. It's called a DSLAM, for "DSL Access Multiplexer". (Love that  

COVAD was involved with "provisioning" my Speakeasy service, btw.

NO WAY am I not going to read this thread! I like Speakeasy a lot,  
although I'm paying more for what I get than the competition. Hanged if I  
wantto switch providers again!

  (I was a "Direct Switch" customer; Telocity(iirc) was (iirc) bought by  
DirecTV to offer DSL, and D/TV had a class act.  Very nice bridge box,  
made in USA, too.Not enough profit, I guess.)

{Haven't yet read the rest of the thread; sorry.}

Regards to all,

Nicholas Bodley  /*|*\ Waltham, Mass. (Not "MA")
(Grove St., btw.)
If you can't say it, it's not an acronym.
(But, what is it, then? I'ts not an abbreviation.)

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