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FC4 questions

[This is a little old, but I've been working on my mail gateway :-(]

I have found that I need to put "nocddma" in the kernel commandline
options during installation.  I am willing to bet this is your problem.

Disabling DMA for CD devices has corrected numerous problems for me.
This fixed my problems with ripping my audio cd's.

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 19:12 +0000, dan moylan wrote:
> no question but that linux is the greatest - but . . .
> why do i always have such problems upgrading?  i tend to
> leapfrog releases, just because my foot is always full of
> bullet holes.
> ok, here i am trying to install FC4.  i download the iso's
> from RH, check the SH1SUMs, which all agree, and then go
> on to upgrade.  the installation halts at around 40% -
> "file not found: fonts-xorg-base-6.8.2-1; disc may be
> corrupted".  well, it checked out ok, but hey, let's try a
> net install from the downloaded iso (iso's saved on
> another machine).  damn - same problem.  i look in the
> mounted iso and see that the file is indeed missing.  i
> copy FC4-i386-disc1 over to a real directory (as opposed
> to a mounted iso), download the missing rpm from RH,
> insert it, and "retry".  voila!  it proceeds . .  . for a
> while.  then - "file not found: gimp-print-4.2.7-7".  we
> download that from RH and go on.  "file not found:
> ImageMagic-6.2.2.-2", and so on . . .
> so far i'm only up to 50% installed, but i don't
> understand what's going on.  how can the installation call
> for files not on the discs?  how do other folk deal with
> this?  btw, i downloaded another iso from unc and it is
> missing the same files.
> this is very discouraging.  what next?  any suggestions?
> dan
> j. daniel moylan
> 84 harvard ave #2
> brookline, ma 02446-6202
> 617-232-2360 (tel)
> 810-454-1823 (fax)
> jdm at
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