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Fw: usb drive corrupt

well, i've tried pretty much everything that's been suggested,
directly or via links.
still no dice!
i've reformated, no change!
i've /dev/zero'd the mbr, no change!
i'm at the point where i'm going to wave a dead chicken over it.  if
that doesn't help, i can save the chicken for saturday's bbq!

the drive still functions with linux and macs as a fat filesystem.
uncle bill still thinks the drive is corrupted, like him!

On 8/7/05, James R. Van Zandt <jrvz at> wrote:
> Jerry Feldman <gaf at> writes:
> >On Thursday 04 August 2005 4:57 pm, John.Boland at wrote:
> >> The drive continues to be perfectly functional with Linux and MACs.
> >>
> >> Just M$ has problems (what a surprise!). I've tried reformatting and the
> >> problem still persists. I know that the drive is definitely NOT corrupt
> >> (I can still still use it with other operating systems).
> >Format the drive using one of the brain dead operating systems.
> I'd worry that the brain dead OS was taking shortcuts.
> I'd suggest clearing the first MB or so with dd, partitioning, and
> installing a VFAT filesystem under Linux.  (I've done the last two
> steps with a USB hard disk.)  Or maybe just clearing the first MB
> under Linux and doing the partitioning and formatting under the BDOS.
> (*Surely* it can't mess up then :-)
>            - Jim Van Zandt
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