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A local news sub-server?

OK, folks - here's my situation:

I connect at home via RCN, which seems to work for me.  However, I do most
of my work (and non-work) at the office, which does not use RCN.  Part of
this non-work involves reading certain Usenet groups.  This means that, in
order to both read these groups and maintain a sane read/not-read list from
work AND home, I need to ssh into my home machine and use a reaser on that

I know that fetchmail will allow a user to grab mail from a non-local mail
server and store it locally via the local MTA.  I'm looking for something
similar for newsgroups.  What I'd like is something I can run on my home
system that will fetch all articles from a few groups and store them
locally.  Then I could connect to MY server using client software on my work
PC (or elsewhere) and maintain the same .newsrc file.  Being able to post
through this would be a plus.

I don't want to get into a situation where I need to start paying for a
direct news feed to set up my own node.  All I want to do is create a
downstream of my ISP's existing server, and pull from/post to that.  Any


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