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Apache/Perl question

David Hummel writes:
| On Fri, Aug 19, 2005 at 04:58:23PM -0400, Ronny Serrano wrote:
| >
| > Thanks to everyone who pitched in with ideas on this. Turns out my
| > apache config needed to be tweaked a little. Then I was getting 500
| > errors. After 2 hours I found that it was because the damn Vi for
| > Windows was puttng the wrong carriage returns in the script and the
| > server was blowing up. The linux server just didn't like how the
| > carriage returns were formatted. When I write a simple script in vi
| > right on the linux box, it works fine.
| >
| > Anyone know of a good freeware editor that would convert a windows
| > notepad formated text file to unix/linux format.
| Here is a command line utility that will do it:
| Also check your system for the "dos2unix" program.  On my Debian system,
| dos2unix is a symlink to the fromdos program.

Are you sure that will handle a notepad-format file?  Those
have some funny things in addition to the \r\n terminators.
At least they used to.  I haven't looked at  one  for  some
years, so they may be better now.

To just munge the line terminators, I've long used  a  tiny
perl script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -pi.dos

I have that in my home directory as  sh/dos2unix.   I  also
have the obvious counterpart as sh/unix2dos. There's also a
sh/mac2unix file:

#!/usr/bin/perl -pi.mac

I once had some awk scripts to do this sort of  thing,  but
this was overly tricky, and turned out not as portable as I
expected, so I replaced them with the perl versions.

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