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procmail autoreply problem

<quote who="Mike Gorse" date="Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 04:33:20PM -0400">
> Hi Paul,
> You should just be able to have procmail look for To: or CC: lines with 
> the user's email address.
> I usually use vacation in conjunction with procmail for that sort of thing 
> because vacation will keep track of to whom it has send email and only 
> email the person once.  Something like this should work, substituting the 
> person's email address and user id:
> :0 c
> * ^To:.*user at
> |vacation user
> :0 c
> * ^CC:.*user at
> |vacation user

Rather than repeat this twice, I would probably approximate a logical
"or" with scoring like this:

  :0 c
  * 1^0 To:.*user at
  * 1^0 CC:.*user at
  |vacation user

Of course, there's an easier way that already been alluded to in this
thread that involves using the "^TO_" instead of "To:" which will
match any message addressed toward someone including CCs. :)

Another great way to block auto-responding to things you shouldn't
would be to block based on precedence. I would do something like this
(probably in combination with the recipe above):

  * !^Precedence: (list|bulk)

Of course, I suspect vacation probably already does this -- or should!
I hope that helps.


Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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