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make binrpm-pkg

Ed Hill wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-08-28 at 10:40 -0400, jbk wrote:
>>I compiled a custom kernel using make binrpm-pkg for an i586 

>>Second, the make does not make an initrd image as part of 
>>the package, is there a way to incorporate one in the build?
>>Third, the package install does not update grub.conf for the 
>>new kernel.
>>This is all on FC4.
> Hi Jim,
> I'm not familiar with "make binrpm-pkg".  But I am one of the Fedora
<make binrpm-pkg> is one of the kernel build options within 
the Fedora kernel 'make' utility.

> Extras volunteers so I routinely write, maintain, and review RPMs.
> The preferred RPM building methods for Fedora are either in your home
> directory with something like:
>   yum install fedora-rpmdevtools
>   fedora-buildrpmtree
>   wget $URL_FOR_SRPM
>   rpmbuild --rebuild $SRPM

I am not a programmer. I am just trying to keep my samba 
server up to date, and I need a custom kernel because the 
ide_tape module is still listed as experimental even though 
I have been using it for 5 or 6 years without any problems.

> or, alternatively, in "mock" using:
>   yum install mock
>   wget $URL_FOR_SRPM
>   mock $SRPM

> where the latter provides a pristine chroot-ed environment for the build
> and is preferred (its the "standard" within Fedora Extras).  And note
> that mock may conflict with SELinux (depending upon your SELinux policy)
> so you may have to turn it off or temporarily disable SELinux:
SElinux is disabled because it doesn't allow browsing smb 
shares. Someone has written a patch to the Fedora kernel to 
solve this but the Fedora folks haven't incorporated it into 
the kernel. I have not tried to patch my kernel with this 
fix because it would be a maintainence hasle beyond the time 
I have to keep updated.

The reason I compile an rpm package is so that yum won't 
upddate my kernel with a pre-packaged kernel. For what ever 
reason yum and the redhat update utility do not update over 
custom kernels that are installed via rpm.


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