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Monitor problem (more thoughts)

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 05:53:04 -0400, <dsr at> wrote:

> Do you have a fan, washing machine, or other large electric motor  
> plugged in to the same circuit?

It's a bit hard to say what effect significantly-low line voltage would  
have, without experience with the specific model of monitor, or lots of  
experience with monitors at abnormally-low voltages.

It's conceivable that a low-cost electric fan, or something with a  
transformer in it could be positioned so that the stray magnetic field is  
moving the CRT's electron beams only vertically. I hadn't thought of that,  
earlier. The wiggle would be the difference between 60 Hz (stray field)  
and the scan rate (maybe 75 hz, maybe? (Can you change refresh (vertical  
scan rate)? If so, the wiggle rate would change.)

> If so, installing a UPS with a power conditioner may help. (That would  
> be an always-on UPS, as opposed to one which has a relay to cut in a  
> battery> when it detects low voltage. Power conditioning UPSs are more  
> expensive, but no other kind will help.)

I rather doubt that that would help; please see above. Any chance of  
borrowing one? Nevertheless, it's nice have a[n] UPS.

> If that doesn't work, call Dell.

But, of course! Hope they help you.

Good luck!

Nicholas Bodley  /*|*\ Waltham, Mass. (Not "MA")
The curious hermit -- autodidact and polymath
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