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PGP Links & Notes

Matt Brodeur writes:

> As I mentioned at the meeting, I decided to create a separate key set
> for my work identity.  Since my home directory is out of my control
> (for the first time in YEARS), I keep my secret keyring on a removable
> drive.  While there are several ways to accomplish this, the simplest
> working solution was to move secring.gpg from ~/.gnupg to a USB key
> and create a symlink back.  As long as the USB drive always mounts to
> the same point[6], it just works.  GnuPG can still verify signatures
> and encrypt to other public keys, even if you don't have the secret
> keyring available.

I do something like this, but I don't dare carry my secret keys in
removable media in an unencrypted format.  So, I encrypt my secret
stuff with a symmetric cypher, for example:

  openssl enc -salt -des3 -in keyring -out keyring.arm I don't have to worry about my USB drive getting stolen.


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