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OT: CPU will not boot

I'm no expert, but it does not sound like a video problem to me.  If it 
was simply an issue of the picture not displaying, then you would hear the 
hard disk as it booted the operating system, and you would probably get a 
beep from the pc speaker after post.  Try removing the memory altogether 
along with any cards that are in the machine; you might get a tone from 
the pc speaker to indicate no memory if the motherboard and the cpu is 
working.  But my guess would be that either your motherboard or your cpu 
need to be repaired/replaced.

-- Mike Gorse / AIM:linvortex / --

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, jbk wrote:

> Symptom: No video out
>         No Operating system load - system does not show up on network
> The system powers up, cpu fan and power supply fan run. This was a sudden 
> deterioration. Two days ago it took five tries at pushing the start button to 
> get it to boot (push once to start then push and hold six seconds to kill and 
> try again) before it would start as if nothing happened. The next time or 
> next day, nothing I could do to get post up or any video out. I was not there 
> when initial event happened or I would have checked the event log (this is 
> ms-2000). I went out and bought a second power supply and installed it, there 
> was no improvement.
> The system is an MSI socket 462 MB w/ onboard 8x AGP video out, AMD 1.4Ghz 
> Atholon chip, 512 Mb DDR PC333 Mem, USB 2.0. I had added an ATI Rage 128Mb 
> AGP card. This system has been running for 3 Yrs with the only change being a 
> memory upgrade from 128 Mb to 512 Mb, and that was a year ago.
> The things I have done to diagnose the problem are; remove graphics card and 
> use the onboard video, change memory slot, disconnect front side USB port, 
> remove and reconnect IDE cable. All of these resulted in no net change in 
> response, a blank video screen. I can here the HDD spin up and then just the 
> buzz of the fans.
> I am going to pull the HDD and slave it onto my server to verify its OK, but 
> I would think that a bad HDD would not effect the video, I should still 
> beable to access the Bios which I cannot. What would kill the video?
> I will see if I can verify the memory on my other system and the AGP card. 
> What else can I do?
> Jim K-R
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