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sharing usb printer


I have a usb printer hooked up to my linux box. There is a guy in my 
office who wishes
to use it. The right way of sharing the printer is to setup samba and 
make the printer
an exported share of some sort.... but... I don't want to get into a 
situation of having to
support this guy's attepts at trying to print on this printer. So I was 
wondering, if I
got a usb hub, and a couple of more USB cables, could I plug the printer 
into the
hub, and the two PC's into the same hub, and have independent access to 
the printer?
Me from my linux box, the other guy in my office from his windows laptop?

The other possibility is to get a network print server box, which I'm 
sure would
do the trick as well. Anyway, any one know about the usb hub setup? 
would that

Cheers. Steve.

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