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100K entries in iptables

Yes,  I can't remember where I found the doc.  But especially if you're
running on a 2.4 kernel your system will choke around 500 rules I

I'll dig around to see if I can find that article.

Matthew Shields
Sr Systems Administrator
NameMedia, Inc.
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Subject: 100K entries in iptables

As I look through the maillog file on my inbound smtp server, I get
irritated by all of the 'Relaying denied' entries.  These look like
external systems trying to relay through my server and being denied.

I think, perhaps I can stop these systems (and other known spammers)
before they get to sendmail.  So I grep through the last few months of
maillogs and gather a list of >100K unique ip addresses.

I think, I'll stuff these into iptables.  But then, it seems like a lot
of filtering.  Although, perhaps it is better than letting sendmail get
slammed, and I will receive less spam, and so less load from spamd.

For the moment, I have decided to limit this to the current and previous
weekly maillog file, which keeps the number of entries down around 4K.

But I still ponder, is putting 100K, or even 4K, entries into iptables a
bad idea?  eg: What are the side effects of doing this?

Here is a sample script:


iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT

iptables -N SPAMMER
iptables -A SPAMMER -j LOG --log-prefix 'spammer: '
iptables -A SPAMMER -j DROP

iptables -N SPAMCHECK
iptables -A SPAMCHECK -s   -j ACCEPT   # Local host
iptables -A SPAMCHECK -s -j ACCEPT   # Local network
iptables -A SPAMCHECK -s <snip>/32      -j ACCEPT   # Good customer

iptables -A SPAMCHECK -s -j SPAMMER  # Bad guy
<repeat many times with different ip address>

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 25 --syn -j SPAMCHECK


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