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[JOB] Red Hat Linux System Administrator Contractor Services.

I apologize if this content is not accepted on the list.


Weekly Red Hat Patch Management
Server Maintenance
Emergency Support
Configure New Email fail-over system.

Location of Servers:? North East Data Vault (NEDV), Marlborough,

Company:? Location, Inc.

Requirement:? Any respondent to this Proposal Request must have at least
two experienced Red Hat Linux System Administrators to provide back-up
coverage for each other. 

Location, Inc. is actively seeking Red Hat Linux System Administrator
Services to perform:

1.? Weekly patch management updates for the Company's five servers
located at NEDV in Marlborough, Massachusetts.? The servers are
currently configured with Linux Red Hat Enterprise.? The System
Administrator will perform updates through the Red Hat Network
( The System Administrator will
alert Company when upgrades or critical patches to Company's operating
systems or layered products become available.? Based on the System
Administrator's knowledge of the stability, necessity, and/or
practicability of the upgrade, System Administrator will offer
recommendations via email that may benefit Company's systems.? Upgrades
and patches will be performed weekly upon Company's acknowledgment and
acceptance of the System Administrator's recommendation to proceed.? The
System Administrator will follow up with a confirmation email indicating
successful deployment.? Occasional (every other month) on-site
inspection of server stack is required (red lights blinking, cords
secure, etc.).

Network Administrator Time budget for Weekly Patch Management:? 2
hours/month@$x/hrs? = ?? ?? 
Total monthly for Patch Management: $

2.? Technical Support Services.? Company will have access to System
Administrator's technical support staff via a single 24x7 phone number.?
An email address will also be provided for routine, scheduled and
emergency technical support requests.? Technical Support Services will
be provided on an "as-needed" on-call basis.

Standard Scheduled Support Requests?????? $x/hr

Emergency Support Requests
Normal working hours (Mon - Fri; __am - __pm)?? ?? $x/hr
Scheduled Off Hours?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???

Company would prefer Emergency response time on the order of one hour.?
Acknowledgment of response request in 15 minutes.

3.? Email fail-over.? Company currently has a single email server, and
needs to have an Email fail-over system implemented to provide Company
with the ability to switch over and continue to send and receive emails
to customers and other parties in the event that the email server fails
to operate at any time.? This Email fail-over system implementation is a
one-time project.

TO RESPOND:? Kindly submit your bid for this work by simply filling in
this RFP with your specific rates.? For the email fail-over project
portion, please provide a breakout of costs and detailed scope for
implementation. Specify emergency response time to which your firm can

Include resumes for the primary and back-up Red Hat System
Administrators that would be actively managing our servers, billing
terms, and contact information for 2 references that are current Linux
support clients of yours.? 

Send Proposals to:

aschiller at and
sscott at

Questions?? (401) 766-3227

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