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Dialup ISP suggestions?

TheWorld, although I've never used them, I've heard great things about
them.  You can get a 15 hour/month account from them for $10, or for
$15/month you can get unlimited access.  The only benefit of their Gold
Level access is they provide you webhosting space.  If you really wanted
webhosting, you can find that elsewhere.

The benefit to using TheWorld over other ISP's is they are local, so
they are supporting a local company, and hiring local people.  Also, if
you need help when you call up you're probably going to be talking with
the same 5 or 10 people every time you call, so it becomes more

Matthew Shields
Sr Systems Administrator
NameMedia, Inc.
(P) 781-839-2828
mshields at

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Subject: Dialup ISP suggestions?

I have a very cheap account with an ISP who uses Level 3's modems.  In
past, they have been relatively reliable.   For those who still use
ISPs, what are your thoughts of Level 3 these days?

I may opt to switch from the ISP to World, who doesn't seem to use Level

3.   What are people's thoughts of World?

My dialup needs are sparse - occassional connection to ssh and web 
browsing via bluetooth between my PDA and Verizon cell phone, using
minutes, thus not paying Verizon for any data, and the ability to dial
ISP as long as I have some kind of signal.

I'm paying under $10/month, and that is good for my use.   I'm going to
sticking with verizon for another two years (just renewed) so GPRS is
an option.

The World is $20/month, which is more than I'd like to spend.  Despite
price, how reliable are they these days?

What other low-cost, reliable dialup ISPs are there with unlimited
time, that don't use Level 3 modems?

I'd considered bringing in another line to create a homemade ISP, but
monthly charges are greater than $10/month, so it ain't worth it.



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