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Dialup ISP suggestions? --> TheWorld

On Sun, 08 Oct 2006 20:45:42 -0400, Jerry Feldman <gaf at> wrote:
> Their anti-SPAM filters are somewhat automatic.

They surely don't seem effective at blocking (or labeling)  
usually-misspelled obscenities. Maybe I expect too much.

In the past, I suspected blocked messages, but the senders probably gave  
up trying. I don't know who might have tried to reach me.

I still have the "basic" account with them, but am considering dropping  
it. I might miss a message from someone special who hasn't sent me a  
message for a long time, but that doesn't happen often at all.

At various times, their e-mail service has been poor.

I do a POP3 fetch via Speakeasy DSL, and Speakeasy almost always has  
little problem connecting to their mail server.

Mary Riendeau, if she's still there, is a sweetheart (and, iirc, a network  
expert); however, she also has a loyalty to her employer. She has answered  
the phone a few times; very pleasant.

One thing I don't forgive them for happened some time ago, roughly a year  
and a half, maybe more. They decided to do some sort of major and basic  
change to their setup, I think connecting via a different backbone  
provider; they had expected to be back up and running once the weekend was  
over. However, things Did Not Go Well, and the only way to find out what  
the dickens was going on was to physically visit their place in Brookline,  
and I don't know what sort of reception one might have had. I'm a terrible  
recluse, but was about to make the trip, when they came back (no lost  
messages, give credit for that...) on the Thursday following that weekend.  
They kept their Web site access running, but nary a word on that page  
about what was going on. (Have forgotten whether they had Web mail back  
then; I think not.)


Btw, Speakeasy offered a free temporary local dialup number while they  
were getting my DSL account provisioned. I tried it, and it was awful.  
Have forgotten details. However, one instance, a number of years ago, is  
not likely to be representative. They do seem to have their act together  
better than many companies, and I'd now expect good service via dialup.

Best regards, and good luck!

Nicholas Bodley  /*|*\ Waltham, Mass.

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