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SpamAssassin rule for stock pump and dump spam

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 03:06:44 -0400, Tom Metro <blu at> wrote:

> [...] it still seems like there should be an automated service for  
> updating the rules periodically.

Opera e-mail has a "trainable" spam filter, but Opera being closed source,  
it's not obvious how that filter works. However, there is access to the  
data files used by its filter. It also seems to train somewhat slowly.  
I've also had a lot more spam lately, but still very few false positives.  
Messages that were not labeled as spam (in my case) could surely use a  
rule that specifically recognizes the all-caps string "AGRA".

Unfortunately, with thoughts of full disclosure, I'm (still) using the  
Delicate Flower That Can Infuriate, 98 SE.

[OT] (Why not Linux?) I hosed Libranet 3.0 (mostly Debian) a while back,  
quite badly, by accidentally munging all my system file permissions.  
Horrid experience. Could give details, but not at all sure many want to  
know; not lengthy. Result was that I can run as a normal user, but forget  
sudo, su, and logging in as root (other than "booting as root" to command  
line). No root access otherwise. Hope to use a live CD to offload archives  
and other goodies. Recent posts, iirc to BLU, about fixing Debian, look  
like something to study, but it's likely to be a lot of work (and beyond  
my ken) to restore Libranet. I'll be content to save my data. [/OT] (Yes,  
I do know about < > HTWL delimiters. :) )

Unfortunately, Libranet appears to be dead. It was nice.

Nicholas Bodley  /*|*\ Waltham, Mass.
Commentator at Howthingswork at
Micro-blog: Authors of spam love unreliable keyboards --
uncontrolled double strokes, semi-random Caps Lock,
dead or intermittent keys...

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