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Free wifi at the airport?

On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 09:33:06AM -0500, Rich Braun wrote:
> The reason I'm posting this to BLU is to put out something of a challenge: 
> the more years that I live here in MA, and the more times I travel outside our
> region, the more I recognize that Massachusetts is slipping--badly--in
> deployment of technology and public infrastructure relative to the rest of the
> world.  It's frustrating for me to watch traffic signals, subway dispatching,
> even subway fare collection systems stay the same or even go downhill (despite

Hmmm, yes. I've been wondering what incredible moron designed the new fare
collection equipment they are installing on the busses. For people with
(monthly) passes, it now takes 15 seconds per person to board a bus because
the stupid reader needs to pull the card in, think about it, and spit it back
out. Contrast this with the old readers where you just swipe your card in the
same movement that you use to enter the bus, which takes all of about 1

I'm guessing that whoever designed those machines does NOT use public
transport. That's bad enough - but whoever on the MBTA side approved the
purchase of these things should be fired, immediately, and never let near
anything to do with public transport management again.


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