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online simulcast of BLU meetings

Hi All,

I've done some recording with a DV cam under Linux and it is dead easy
and pretty cheap - I recorded a weekend's worth of video from a mounted
Canon DV cam ($350), a firewire PCMCIA card ($35) and my Thinkpad T42.
The tool to do the work is dvgrab from This setup
worked out-of-the-box with Ubuntu.

It does grab the sound from the internal microphone of the camera, but
that may not be adequate for things like audience questions. I think
many DV cams have a jack for an external microphone, so perhaps a few
microphones and mixer would be needed. 


Adam Fletcher
Director, Information Technology
PowerSteering Software, Inc. 

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Subject: Re: online simulcast of BLU meetings

> Tom Metro wrote:
> > I was wondering if it would be possible to provide an online
> > of BLU meetings.
> We've discussed things like this over the years, and even used to put
> videos of the meetings on the server, thanks to JABR.  But we came to
> the conclusion that everyone gains from having more people at the
> meeting (from shared experiences and good questions, and just being
> better for the speaker), and these kinds of things would promote
> staying at home instead of showing up.
> Also some of what you talk about would be pretty expensive.

As I am the speaker for January, I guess I should throw in my
2 cents. I think recording presentations is a great idea. It
would be great for looking up old presentations in an archive
which would be a great resource to members and anyone
interested in a topic previously presented. Also, I feel it
would build a stronger knowledge base for the members.


Joshua D. Abraham
Northeastern University
College of Computer and Information Science

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