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File Transfer With Putty

If you have the full putty install, you have pagent.ext, pscp.exe, and
plink.exe in the same directory as putty itself. Putty is for
interactive xterm-like "ssh" shell sessions, plink  for remote
execution of one command from a CMD dos script on a remote  Unix box,
and pscp for copying files to/from the Unix SSHD server.

Of the lot of them, only pagent is WIMP-mode: it's a windows-aware
ssh-agent equivalent. Start it in your "start up" group and it appears
in the tray as a blue fedora; you can add passphrase-protected keys to
it, which future SSH sessions will try before prompting for passwords
or for key unlock passphrases. This is a good way for a laptop user to
have the convenience of not typing the passphrase every time but not
have the key available to anyone gaining physical access.It's not
perfect, but similar to ssh-agent but tuned to the Windows system.

(SSHD of course isn't limited to Unix/Linux boxes, but that's the way
to bet. With Cygwin or MKS/TK you can run SSHD on WinDos,and OpenSSH
is available for OpenMVS and OpenVMS. So it's pretty much universal,
it just doesn't come built-in.)

PSCP is limited on WinDOS like all other commands by the backwards
slashes and lame metacharacters of the DOS CMD shell. Aside from that,
it's fully functional commandline SCP. It's not drag-n-drop.

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