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pam configuration

thanks for all the suggestions.

cracking the passwords wasn't an option, this is for a financial company and
they don't have a sense of humor about that sort of thing...
after mangling /etc/pam.d/vsftpd and running authconfig.  it looks like i
should have verified the accounts on the source machine worked correctly!
half of the accounts and passwords i was given to test with were bad!!!
after figuring out which ones worked on the source machine, copying the
encrypted string to the linux server, ftp authentication worked like a

thanks again for the suggestions.

On 11/15/06, John Boland <jj.boland at> wrote:
> folks,
> i've got a strange config request dumped on me.  external ftp server is
> being moved from sun os (yeah, it's that old!) to linux.
> there are almost 300 ftp accounts that need to be moved.  the linux box is
> already setup with some accounts using md5 passwords and they work well.  my
> problem is that the customers using the ftp service have passwords (yes, i
> know that's a BAD thing, but they're customers!) embedded in scripts that
> handle the file transfers and it will be practically impossible to get them
> to change the password (or tell us what it is so that we can change it).
> so, what i've thought is to simply copy over the encrypted passwd string
> from the sunos shadow file to the linux shadow file.
> i've tried this using a couple of test accounts on the sunos box, no joy
> in mudville!
> so, for two of the test accounts, i changed their passwords to md5. but i
> couldn't authenticate on the linux box.  this was due to an invalid shell
> being setup for the account, /bin/false. i removed the "auth"
> line from /etc/pam.d/vsftpd and the accounts that i changed to md5 now work!
> so, i'm trying to figure out how to allow md5 and unix-style passwords on
> the same system. i've added "account" to no avail.
> are md5 passwords an all or nothing setting?
> any tips/thoughts/directions???
> tia...
> --
> If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough!

If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough!

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