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Server hacked, Desperate for help with FC6

Matthew Gillen wrote:
> David Kramer wrote:
>> My server was hacked, and I needed to reload.  I decided to go with FC6
>> instead of SUSE because the most recent SUSE I had was 10.0.
>> I have very little of the system working yet.  I could use some help with
>> a few questions right now, with more to come.
>> - First and foremost, I have my server set up in the standard dual-nic
>> setup with one going to the DSL modem and the other one going to my
>> intranet.  YaST knew how to do this, and it was very easy to set up.  The
>> firewall tool under FC6 has just a few options, and no concept of zones.
>> How do I set that up so I can masquerade NAT to eth1?
> There's no gui for this out of the box, though some of the other packages
> that people have mentioned are available in 'extras' (ie getting them is as
> easy as 'yum install ...'):
> shorewall
> fwbuilder
> firestarter

Yup.  Like I said, I went on #fedora IRC channel, and they told me about 
firestarter and a few others.  Firestarter was exactly what I needed, 
and I was up and running NAT in minutes.

However, foreknowledge of this would not have done me any good, because 
the installer has a bug in it that throws an exception and crashes if 
you enable Fedora Extras, or any other repository besides the default 
ones.  This is, of course, about 10-15 minutes into the process.  I read 
about it online, so I was prepared.

I installed it afterwards, though.

>> - How do I switch from KDE to Gnome?
> On the login screen, there should be a "session" button.  Hitting it should
> pop up a menu of available desktops.  Once you put in your password, it
> should ask if you want to make it your default.

I'll look for that.  Thanks.  What I ended up doing after some more 
googling was installing switchdesk.

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