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[BLU/Discuss] Re: Server hacked, Desperate for help with FC6

On Sat, Nov 25, 2006 at 03:24:10PM -0500, David Kramer wrote:
> For heat, noise, and power reasons, I can't justify running more
> than one computer 24/7.

For those same reasons I have started playing with Ubuntu (6.06,
"Dapper", the one with long-term support) and Xen.  My plan is to have
the host domain running extremely little (NTP, an sshd, and the guest
domains).  Then I will be assemblying a collection of virtual machines
running under it.

I have 2GB of RAM (Xen only finds most of it...hmmm), which means I
can give a handful of servers each more RAM than my current basement
server has in total.  Same with swap.  I plan to run almost as many
virtual machines as I have services (DHCP gets its own server if I
want), keep each as simple as I can, and keep them seperate.
Including using different passwords on each so if one is cracked the
others stay secure (assuming it wasn't the host OS that took the hit).

I have long wanted to play with things like a Wiki in my basement, but
didn't dare risk breaking things by installing one.  With Xen I can
fire up a new Linux instance, and break it to my heart's content, with
very little risk to other instances.

I have never been such a big fan of firewalls (and you point out it
wouldn't have help you in this case), but if I change my opinion I
could easily set up a dedicated Xen guest to just be the firewall.
(And it would need very little RAM.)

> I do have a WRT54G which I use for wireless

I bought on to play with, but in trying to put Linux on it I managed
to brick it, and I haven't found the time to bring it back to life.


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