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Drupal: vote up or down

I have used Drupal on a number of sites. Its pretty good and pretty
flexible, and while I am very familiar with SQL databases, it takes almost
no real knowledge of them to use it.

You do have to configure the connection info and create the DB itself, but
the tables and indexes are generated by a script. After that, you don't
need to touch it.

I do have some advice: Either restrict membership or manually approve
comments, as there is a spammer that posts "why not cms?" all the time. I
believe he has a script that knows drupal to do this. I ended up blocking
his IP address. It almost cost me my google adsense account (not that I
make anything with it, people don't click enough!)

All in all, I like Drupal, it is easy, not blazingly fast, but not bad, it
has a good selection of code plugin modules, it looks pretty good, and has
a few template choices.

My advice, its free, download it, install it, and play with it. What the
hell, if you don't like it, you only lost a little time.

> From: Doug <dougsweetser at>
> Subject: Drupal: vote up or down
> Hello:
> I've got a web site, and it needs a gallery for pictures of animated
> quaternions.  It would be good to have some blogs to go along with
> these, to explain what these images might mean.  It would be good if
> people could rant (politely).
> I've been managing all my web assets the old fashion way: emacs to
> write HTML 3.2.  Last year, I did put in the investment to learn CSS,
> and the pages look far better.
> Galleries, blogs, and comments look like they demand a different
> approach: put all the data into a database, then let scripts come by
> and construct the pages.  A little bit of clicking around, and a name
> that pops up a few times is drupal (also a friend used it to set up a
> schools web site).  Anyone here have experience/opinions about this
> "content management system"?  I have done nothing with <?php/> or
> mysql, but work daily with postgresql.  I have ordered a book on both
> php and mysql.  The folks over at drupal claim they are trying it make
> it so you don't have to know what all is going on with those 50 tables
> in the mysql database (but it might help).
> Before I dive in, any advice?
> doug

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