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Python heaven...

I agree with Matt. In the end, you have to write code and emacs does 
provide enough functionality to make coding rather easy. Thus the reason 
why I never bothered with IDE's. My problem was debugging python and I 
had gotten used to DDD which did a fine job of debugging lots of 
projects in the past. DDD didn't work out of the box debugging python 
and I was loathed with having to add print statements everywhere, (the 
way I debug java code.)
So I bit the bullet and figured out how to get eclipse to debug python 
code. My development paradigm may change to writing high level code in 
python and then bundling up the cpu intensive parts in C++ and 
converting them to python callable modules. I think using this 
development strategy may speed up my development time. We'll see....


TheBlueSage wrote:
> I switched from VI to Zend IDE for PHP and felt like I went from the
> dark ages to enlightenment in one go. Cant believe how much time I lost
> not using something like this. Its not that it does things for me, but
> the embedded function definitions alone mean less time looking up
> syntax, and I finally got used to auto-completion (it did take a while
> though) and now find it really neat that I can type only the beginning
> of a variable and it will complete for me. The less keystrokes, the
> better chance I have of being able to use my hand and fingers when I hit
> 60 ! :) and being able to jump from one program to another as I drill
> down functions and libraries is a godsend .
> Richard
> On Sun, 2007-04-08 at 08:06 -0400, Stephen Adler wrote:
>> I've been a gnu-emacs coder for decades... Mainly, I code using 
>> gnu-emacs as my IDE writing lots of Java and C++ code. But today harolds 
>> in a new era... I took all day yesterday to setup a debugging system to 
>> debug python code, (eclipse + pydev) and I'm quite amazed at how much 
>> I've been missing from the IDE world. It's sort of the same effect I 
>> felt when I first started using spread sheets about a year ago. (Yup, 
>> I'm an old dog who hates to learn new tricks...)
>> How many BLU'ers use IDE's like eclipse or just keep hacking code with 
>> emacs, (or vi?) issuing make commands in a separate terminal window or 
>> with the emacs internal compile command? I'm just wondering just how 
>> behind the times I am...
>> :)
>> Steve.

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