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Python heaven...

Stephen Adler wrote:
> I've been a gnu-emacs coder for decades... Mainly, I code using
> gnu-emacs as my IDE writing lots of Java and C++ code. But today harolds
> in a new era... I took all day yesterday to setup a debugging system to
> debug python code, (eclipse + pydev) and I'm quite amazed at how much
> I've been missing from the IDE world. It's sort of the same effect I
> felt when I first started using spread sheets about a year ago. (Yup,
> I'm an old dog who hates to learn new tricks...)
> How many BLU'ers use IDE's like eclipse or just keep hacking code with
> emacs, (or vi?) issuing make commands in a separate terminal window or
> with the emacs internal compile command? I'm just wondering just how
> behind the times I am...

Well, there's a lot of territory between emacs and a full-blown IDE.  I
use jEdit for almost anything text-like on all platforms.  That's
actually a big selling point for me, as I spend a lot of time on both
Windows and Linux at work.  I've expounded its virtues many times here,
so I won't bore you again.

In general I don't like big IDEs, because I find they get in my way more
than they help me.  I get syntax highlighting and name completion from
jEdit, and that's the extent of the help that I want.

I specifically tried to use Eclipse for a Java project, and was dismayed
that it would base it's own build rules on my ant build script, but
would not use it directly, so changes to the build would have to be done
in two places.  That's unacceptable to me.

I also tried using KDevelop for some Python code, on a box I could not
use jEdit on (it has that awful gcc version of Java, and I couldn't
change that), but I missed too many features from jEdit for it to become
my favorite.

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